Iggesund holds its position as a market leader in high-performance paperboard for consumer packaging and graphical products. It is the leading producer of FBB and SBS board through two of the world’s leading paperboard brands, Invercote and Incada which are preferred by brand owners for their durability and design versatility. These products are manufactured in two state-of-the-art paperboard mills: Iggesunds Mills in Sweden and Workington Mill in United Kingdom. Further value is added to its products at the converting plant in Strömsbruk in Sweden, applying various barriers, surface films and foils. The mills have a combined production capacity of over 500,000 tonnes of paperboard in a year.

What is less well known is that Iggesund is also a world leader in sustainability through renewable fibre, cleanest possible air emissions, cleaner water and zero waste to landfill. Iggesund draws almost 100% of its process energy needs from non-fossil sources and have a very low carbon footprint.

Every time a new pallet or reel enters the production process the customer must feel safe – knowing it will perform as expected and trust it will create a visually attractive end result enabling the packaging and print to stand out from the rest.

Beyond expectations.