Invercote G

Invercote G


Invercote G is designed for graphical products and prestige packaging where an exceptional aesthetic result is desired.

It has a smooth surface tailored to reproduce the most sophisticated printed images that can meet the high demands of flawless Foil and Film lamination which is ideal for packaging of luxury products specially aroma and flavour sensitive products. [/show_more]

Surface: Matt
Colour: White

Thickness (um):

180     200     220    240     260    280     300     330     350     380

205     235     270    300     330    360     395     435     465     505

Standard Formats(In Cms):63.5 x 91.5, 76 x 102; Reels – Available on Request
Printing:Offset, Digital and Gravure
Printing inks:Standard printing inks, oxidation drying inks (foil inks)
Screen: 150-200 lpi, FM screen possible
Foil stamping: Suitable
Embossing: Suitable
Varnishing: Suitable for oil-based varnishes, dispersion varnishes and UV varnishes (test run recommended)
Drilling/punching: Suitable
Fibre source:Virgin Wood Fibre
Bleaching: Pulp is bleached using an Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process
Disposal: This material can be disposed of by recycling, incineration for energy recovery or is biodegradable.
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