Invercote Foil & Film Laminates


The Invercote Foil & Film Laminates Range consists of:

Alubarrier-Paperboard with aluminium foil laminated onto the reverse side suitable for packaging applications where sensitive products are to be protected from light, moisture and gases.

Aluprint-Paperboard with 8 μm aluminium foil, NC lacquered, providing excellent conditions for decorative printings where a luxurious appeal is required.

Metalprint-Paperboard with metallised PET laminated to the print side providing excellent conditions for decorative printings where a luxurious appeal is required.

Surface: Matt/Gloss
Colour:  Silver | Metallic
Grammages (g/m2):  Depending upon baseboard
Standard Formats (In Cms): Available on Request

 Alubarrier: Confectionary | Tobacco | Biscuits and other food | Cake Mixes | Cereals | Ice cream

Aluprint: Tobacco | Perfumes | Cosmetics | Hair care and toiletries | Confectionary

Metalprint: Tobacco | Wine and spirits | Perfumes | Cosmetics | Pharmaceuticals | Brochures | Confectionary

Accreditations:fsc-logo3  pefc20logo  ISO_14001_logo    ISO 9001-2008 Certified 
Suitability: safetyoftoys    Food Safety
Invercote Alubarrier – Available with LDPE coating on the printing side as well.

Invercote Aluprint – Available with the reverse side of paperboard with NC lacquered aluminium foil.

Invercote Metalprint – Available with the reverse side of paperboard with met-pet lamination.


Printing: Offset Litho, Gravure and Flexo
Printing inks: Inks for non-absorbent materials
Screen: 150-200 lpi, FM screen possible
Foil stamping: Suitable
Embossing: Suitable
Varnishing: Suitable for oil-based varnishes, dispersion varnishes and UV varnishes (test run recommended)
Drilling/punching: Suitable
Fibre source:Virgin Wood Fibre
Bleaching: Pulp is bleached using an Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process
Disposal: This material can be disposed of by recycling, incineration for energy recovery or is biodegradable.
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